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Workshop | Democratic institutions and future generations

Time: Thursday 10th May, 10.45-17.30
Venue: Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster, London

There is growing recognition that democracies tend to privilege the short-term to the detriment of the interests of future generations. This workshop focuses on theoretical and practical developments that aim to ameliorate the drivers of short-termism and orientate democratic institutions to the protection of future generations.

The workshop will be based on five papers:

• Simon Caney (Warwick), ’Democracy and the Future: Exploring Some Mechanisms for Addressing Wrongful Short-Termism’

• Henrike Knappe (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam), ‘Whose Future? Political Representation in Transnational Sustainability Politics’

• Michael Mackenzie (Pittsburgh), ‘Acting Through Time: Collective Action Among Non-Overlapping Generations’

• Maija Setälä (Turku) ‘The Politics of Non-Existence. The Representation of Future Generations in Democratic Deliberation’

• Graham Smith (Westminster), ‘What Role Participatory Governance in the Protection of Future Generations?’

There will be an assumption that participants will have read the papers beforehand. Please contact Professor Graham Smith g.smith(at) if you would like to participate in the workshop and receive copies of the papers.

The workshop is co-convened by the Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD), the Participation in Long-Term Decision-Making (PALO) project and the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD).

Workshop poster (pdf)