Research consortium

University of Turku
University of Tampere
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Åbo Akademi University


The project was led by Professor Maija Setälä. The work packages (or WPs) were led by Professor Kaisa Herne from Tampere University (WP1), Research Director Lauri Rapeli from Åbo Akademi University (WP2), Professor Maija Setälä from the University of Turku (WP3) and Research Professor Juha Hiedanpää from the Natural Resources Institute Finland (WP4). Interaction activities (WP5) were directed by Professor Henri Vogt from the University of Turku.

The PALO project included more than 30 researchers who were involved in the project for different research periods.

Contact information

Scientific advisory board

Professor Sven-Ove Hansson (University of Stockholm)
Professor Claudia Landwehr (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)
Professor (Emeritus) Hannu Nurmi (University of Turku)
Research Director Karen Refsgaard (Nordregio)
Professor Graham Smith (University of Westminster)
Professor Arild Vatn (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
Professor Mark Warren (University of British Columbia)

Interaction partners

PALO worked in close collaboration with the following interaction partners:

Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities
The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK)
Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southwest Finland
City of Helsinki
City of Pori
City of Turku
City of Vantaa
Committee for the Future, Parliament of Finland
Finnish Forest Centre
The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
The Finnish Nature League
Finnish Youth Co-operation – Allianssi
Institute for Deliberative Democracy
Korsholm municipality
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of the Environment
Novia University of Applied Sciences
Prime Minister’s Office, Finland
Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Regional Council of Satakunta
The Swedish Assembly of Finland