PALO aims to address the problems related to short-termism in public decision-making and governance. Although there is plenty of information available on the long-term effects of human actions, this information plays a limited role in the policy-making process. For example, electoral terms arguably shorten politicians’ time horizons in representative democracies. We want to create various solutions to the problem of short-termism, especially those that help enhance the role of democratic deliberation in policy-making processes. Our goal is to also develop practices for policy-making and citizen engagement that better account for the likely long-term impacts of public policies. By reforming policy-making processes, we can place more emphasis on long-term consequences and the needs of future generations.

The PALO project is part of the SRC Programme Changing Society and Active Citizenship (CITIZEN). The programme sheds light on information needs and the challenges posed by global change to the functioning and stability of the Finnish political system. The research teams in the programme will identify and develop the necessary procedures for reconciling the rapid pace of policy-making with the long-term approach required by social reforms. The PALO project will collaborate with the other projects in the programme and with other SRC projects. For more information about SRC projects, visit this link.